Dalibor Simic

// Web Developer

// Stuttgart, DE


Lifelong learning
is not an
it‘s a lifestyle!

Why coding and developing? Well...

You can create something fascinating out of nothing.

Logic, not grammar, is your tool of choice for expression!

It is always a challenge to come up with an accurate and precise expression .

When hours of debugging give you quite a headache and you finally get that "aha" moment... that's priceless!

There are so many more reasons to pay attention to this topic, but in the end you will push your creativity and reasoning.

const passion = “coding“;




VBA - 100%
HTML - 90%
CSS - 90%
JavaScript - 80%
Swift / Xcode - 70%
Java - 70%
SQL - 70%


Adobe Photoshop - 70%
Adobe Illustrator - 70%
MS Access - 60%


German - 100%
English - 90%
Croatian - 60%



The first time I got in touch with coding was in Excel and some tiny macro procedures.

Around 2010 I started to take coding seriously, integrating more VBA stuff into my daily work.

As I continue to develop apps, I'm also diving deep into the Java and Swift universe.

Now my focus has shifted to web development. I've done a lot of front-end and I'm also interested in doing back-end in the future to cover the full stack package.

Because of my nature, I'm also ready to get into data science. So we will see where this coding journey will end ...


  • certified VBA programmer
  • self learning Java and Swift
  • certificate in responsive web design



VBA configuration tool

Hi-Low iPhone App


Upgenium Mailing List



Tasks / Goals

learning list

  • SCSS
  • Bootstrap
  • jQuery
  • cookies
  • Git
  • API
  • React
  • PWA
  • WordPress
  • Backend and database stuff
  • Node.JS
  • authentication
  • Python
  • PHP
  • Electron

learn more about

  • analytics and mathematics
  • data mining & visualization
  • artificial intelligence
  • internet of things
  • cryptography
  • security
  • algorithms
  • UX design

build several progressive web apps

became a great father